Grupo Malasa

Grupo Malasa originates from the company Comercial Malasa, founded in 1992 as a family business by the brothers Antonio and Javier Pérez Patiño. In its early years, the company consisted of a wood warehouse, a hardware store and a small workshop that allowed them to meet a small demand for tailored wood elements from individuals and small companies.

The Business Group, now an international organization with 12 subsidiaries, was born out of the demand for finished wooden products, a market niche identified by the Pérez Patiño brothers.

With the 2008’s Great Recession, came the need to open new business leads, and they offered their services and experience to retail firms. This insight meant a huge success for the company, that started to grow out of the original facilities. With the move of their actual headquarters to Cerceda, in Galicia, Spain; a new era started for Grupo Malasa, with now bigger and better facilities that allowed them to keep growing.

10 years later, in 2018, the company reached two big milestones. In February, one third of the company shares were sold to an investment fund, this helped give the Business Group a more professional status and new potential business leads. One of those new leads was the contract manufacturing business model, made possible by purchasing the company NOA Madera Creativa, which already owned a civil construction branch.
With this las investment, Grupo Malasa could now offer a turnkey service; a comprehensive development of projects.

Later in the year 2020, Malasa Mex Contract was founded, a new subsidiary based in Querétaro, Mexico; with the aim of offering a better service to Grupo Malasa’s American continent clients.

30 years later, Grupo Malasa is now an international business society, that leads the furniture and elements manufacturing industry in wood, metal, glass and Solid Surface; as well as the fit-out process on location for companies like Inditex, El Corte Inglés, Mercedes-Benz, Mercadona and Tous among many more, as well as private homeowners.

More than 80.000 SQM of production facilities across spain and mexico

20M€ investment in cutting-edge technology

More than 800 professioanls divided into different work areas

600.000 SQM shopping areas construction on yearly base


We are constantly seeking for the best human and material resources.

Our company is equipped with a suitable infrastructure and the most advanced technology, along with a highly qualified team to ensure that we always meet our objectives and milestones.

Our quality policy is based on exceeding our clients' needs and expectations.

We ensure that our products are top quality because processes are carried out accurately, complying with the legal and environmental requisites in the sector.

We provide tight personalized attention for each customer.

We follow up all project phases, making a wide range of customized products and services available for each customer.

Corporate policy

The greates asset at Grupo Malasa is its people. We have been investing in a highly-qualified, experienced and motivated team of professionals prepared to face increasingly technical projects for more than 30 years.

We are committed to the training and internal promotion for all our employees. We integrate workplace risk prevention both in the company’s organisation as well as in production processes, preventing possible risks to people or installations.

We use the most advanced cutting-edge technology, dedicated to cutting and robotization, to optimize processes.

In recent years, more than €20M have been invested in technology applied to cutting, welding, folding and painting techniques in order to cover and improve all the phases of different processes in wood, metal, and glass.

At the same time, we also work with specialiszed design, production and budgeting programs that allow us to offer a comprehensive, high-quality service.



Grupo Malasa is endorsed by big international insurance companies. Firms like Lloyd’s or BMC Assurance back up Grupo Malasa’s commitment to ensure a responsible management, as well as the origin and quality of forestry resources, crucial to our industry. Holding these international certifications, helps us to reach every market throughout the world with our products and

Grupo Malasa’s Management Team holds quality and the respect for the environment as their main goals, present in every stage of the production and installation process, and constitutes one of the main values across all of the 12 companies that take part in our business group.

In order to achieve this objective, Comercial Malasa undertakes to implement and maintain a Quality and Environmental Management System, in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 Quality Standards, ISO 14001 Environment, PEFC and FSC ® Chain of Custody and the Due Diligence System, according to the following principles:


Grupo Malasa’s Management commits to provide all the necessary resources and requests the collaboration from all the staff to follow the guidelines stated above.


Grupo Malasa’s Management commits to provide all the necessary resources and requests the collaboration from all the staff to follow the guidelines stated above.

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Malasa Group is formed by 12 companies equipped with the latest infrastructure and cutting-edge technological equipment

A wide variety of services, products and possibilities suited to each customer’s needs and the sector’s demands.