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Since 1992

Over 30 years ago, we opened a small hardware store with a little workshop and warehouse on Cuesta de la Tapia, to provide our community with custom-made carpentry services and furniture.

From a humble hardware store to a multinational business group, Grupo Malasa now incorporates 11 highly specialized and innovative companies and multiple lines of business, materials, and services, under the umbrella of a united and strong mother company.

Although our image and objectives may have changed towards more avant-garde ones, we remain faithful to our roots, community, and essence of who we are: a family-owned galician business.

Over 30 years of
and lively projects

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01. Efficiency

We are constantly seeking the best human and material resources.

Our company is equipped with a suitable infrastructure and the most advanced technology, along with a highly qualified team to ensure that we always meet our objectives and milestones.

02. Commitment

Our quality policy is based on exceeding our client’s needs and expectations.

We ensure that our products are top quality because processes are carried out accurately, complying with the legal and environmental requisites in the sector.

03. Proximity

We provide tight personalized attention for each customer.

We follow up on all project phases, making a wide range of customized products and services available for each customer.



The importance of human resources

The main strength of Grupo Malasa lies in its people. We have been investing in a highly qualified, experienced, and motivated human team for more than 30 years to face projects of increasing technical capacity.

Our technology

We use the most advanced cutting-edge technology, dedicated to cutting and robotization, to optimize processes.

In recent years, more than €20M has been invested in technology applied to cutting, welding, folding, and painting techniques to cover and improve all the phases of different processes in wood, metal, and glass.

At the same time, we also work with specialized design, production, and budgeting programs that allow us to offer a comprehensive, high-quality service.

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