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Firms such as LRQA, BMC Assurance, or FSC® (FSC-C126765) endorse our commitment to ensure responsible management of our forest resources, as well as their origin and quality. This way, our company can assure all our clients that, with full guarantee and reliability, our services support a responsible forest management model. Grupo Malasa’s Management Team holds quality and respect for the environment as a permanent goal throughout our activity and they constitute one of the main values that the 11 companies that make up the Group share.

Comercial Malasa’s


Calidad Malasa,


At Comercial Malasa we have certifications that guarantee our commitment to responsible management of forest products, as well as their origin and quality; which are fundamental resources in our industry and it facilitates the presence of our products and services throughout the world.

To achieve this goal, Comercial Malasa pledges to implement and maintain a Quality and Environmental Management System, by the requirements of ISO 9001 Quality Standards, ISO 14001 Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Systems ISO 45001, PEFC and FSC® (FSC-C126765) Chain of Custody, and the Due Diligence System, according to our Quality and Environment Policy.

By consuming services or products from a company that holds the FSC® (FSC-C126765) Chain of Custody certification, such as Comercial Malasa, you can check and verify the traceability of products from FSC® (FSC-C126765) certified forests throughout the manufacturing chain, from the forest to the consumer, and that therefore the wood comes from well-managed forests, where strict principles of environmental, social, and economic responsibility are met.

The Management is committed to provide all necessary means and requests the participation and collaboration of all personnel to comply with this Policy.

Noa Madera Creativa’s certifications

Noa Madera Creativa follows the guidelines of quality and commitment to the environment of its parent company, Grupo Malasa. In its desire to maintain high levels of quality in the products and services that we offer, we apply the requirements and the principles of continuous improvement in all our areas of activity.

To achieve this, a Management System (ISO 9001-14001 and ISO 45001) has been integrated at all levels of the organization according to the UNE EN-ISO 9001:2015, UNE EN-ISO 14001:2015, and the Chain of Custody for FSC® and PEFC, in line with its own Integrated Policy.

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NOA·AD follows the quality and environmental commitment guidelines of its parent company, Grupo Malasa.

It has its own certifications endorsed by LRQA, which ensures its commitment to implementing and maintaining Quality and Environmental Management Systems. , by the requirements of the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 and UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2015 Standards, for the Construction, rehabilitation, and renovation of commercial premises and civil and hotel construction, according to its own Quality and Environmental Policy.

Malasa 3R

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle

Grupo Malasa has started a transition through ecological solutions and initiatives, with the long-term goal of powering our factories with 100% renewable energy, as well as following zero-waste and circular economy values ​​and principles.

Renewable energy

Within our MALASA 3R initiative, we have taken important steps in recent years to transform our facilities into a benchmark with minimal environmental impact, including the installation of solar panels, and biomass boilers, and the recycling and reuse of raw materials and by-products derived from our activity.

Renewable energy

↓561 TM CO₂ with solar energy

↓561 TM C02 with

solar energy

In the year 2022, we have installed 3,367 solar panels between our HQ and main factories, the Fresno Metal and Fresno Cristal plants.

This means that 23% of our manufacturing electricity consumption comes from 100% renewable solar energy. In doing so, we are avoiding emitting 561 MT CO₂ into the atmosphere, which is the same as planting 3,360 trees.

This project is part of the 1, 2 and 3 incentive program linked to self-consumption and storage in the service sector and other productive sectors, within the framework of the European Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, financed by the European Union – NextGenerationEU.

↓ 940.9 TM CO₂ with biomass energy

↓ 940.9 TM CO₂ with

biomass energy

Since the end of 2020, we have implemented a biomass boiler, which has allowed us to take advantage of 50% of the waste from our activity that was not recyclable and prevent it from ending up in a landfill.

This measure has increased our percentage of material reuse by more than 90%, has reduced our CO2 emissions by 369.9 MT CO₂ per year, and has allowed us to acclimatize our offices, as well as power our lacquering train and two lacquering booths with clean energy.

In 2023, we added a new boiler in our metal factory, Fresno Metal, which required an annual gas consumption equivalent to 3,032,572 kWh from the lacquering train. This biomass boiler will avoid emitting 571 MT CO₂, the equivalent of planting 3,420 trees, and will allow powering the lacquering train ovens from this waste.

This initiative has been possible thanks to the support of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Engineering of the School of Forestry Engineering of the University of Vigo and has been recognized and awarded by public institutions such as the Xunta de Galicia, the Agencia Instituto Enerxético de Galicia (INEGA), the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE), the Ministry of Ecological Transition of the Government of Spain and the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union.

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