Image of the online BIM master with Grupo Malasa

Grupo Malasa and Espacio BIM, together to promote BIM talent

Image of the online BIM master in collaboration with Grupo Malasa.

Grupo Malasa, an international company with more than 30 years of experience, leading in the manufacture of furniture and elements in wood, metal, glass, and Solid Surface together with Espacio BIM –, BIM Consultant, and VR, AR, and MR, specialized in e-learning training, both reach a collaboration agreement so that architecture, engineering and construction professionals specialized in BIM methodology will have an opportunity to access the labor market.

With this agreement, Grupo Malasa will have the recommendations of the specialized company to incorporate new profiles with BIM training into its team, so that the people who have completed their studies in Espacio BIM -to date, almost 50,000 worldwide- and that meet the requested requirements, will have a direct path to the world of work.

If you are looking to start or specialize in this revolutionary methodology, Espacio BIM has developed the International BIM Manager Master (+VR), a program with which you will have access to positions as powerful as BIM Manager, Project Manager or BIM Coordinator, and take off professionally.

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