Image of the construction on the Costa da Morte made by Grupo Malasa.

Grupo Malasa overcomes the pandemic by increasing the creation of direct jobs and their income, according to the Ardán 2021 Report

Imagen del la construcción en la Costa da Morte realizada por Grupo Malasa.

Image of the construction on the Costa da Morte carried out by Grupo Malasa, obtained from the publication of La Voz de Galicia.


Our company is consolidated as the construction company that has created the most jobs, and generated income during the year 2021, among the 30 largest firms on the Costa da Morte.

“The 30 main companies in the Costa da Morte industry closed the 2020 financial year with a combined increase in revenue of 8.4%, up to 360 million euros, and increased the effective demand for labor by 15%, up to 1,833 direct jobs, to which another 7,000 indirect jobs should be added.”

At Grupo Malasa, we continue to create jobs in our community and diversify our activity, consolidating ourselves as a leading company in our sector.

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