Image of Grupo Malasa facilities.

Grupo Malasa reiterates its support for Dual Vocational Training

Image of Grupo Malasa facilities.

Image of Grupo Malasa facilities.


At Grupo Malasa we have been collaborating for several years with the different local institutions that offer this hybrid education system, and specifically from our company Noa Madera, we join as a collaborating company with the CIFP Ferrolterra, which next year will offer a total of eight different programs .

During his visit to our facilities, the Ferrol newspaper collected the statements of Rogelio Bandín, director of the plant, describing this type of dual training as a success, characterized by the great practical load that the student carries out in the work centers themselves. of the collaborating firms. “We believe that it is a potential both for the company and for the future student and that it can mean, in the long run, jobs, synergies and high recruitment in the region”, he commented.

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