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Por Marta Rodríguez, Departamento de Marketing

In this new line of business for Grupo Malasa, we maintain our maxim of always offering our clients the highest quality and the option of fully personalizing all aspects of their homes.

These wooden houses have been custom made for their owner, or standardized, these cabins are a habitability solution built in record time, but with the quality of all the projects that bear our seal. Among its exclusive properties, its high thermal performance and acoustic insulation stand out, but its great advantage over other options on the market is that its structure is not exposed to inclement weather, since it is covered by a protective and decorative façade, easily interchangeable without complications if it is affected by weather conditions.


We want to thank all the companies that are collaborating in this very special project, such as Grupo Finsa, Nimo Mezquita Arquitectura and Maderas Lamelas.

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