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Bershka Madero CDMX

CDMX, México

Bershka Madero CDMX

In 2018 Grupo Malasa participated for the re-opening of Bershka’s flagship store in Mexico located in Madero neighborhood, in the historic center of Mexico City. Madero has an important meaning for the brand, as it was there where it opened its first store in Mexico.


Location: CDMX, México

Year: 2018

Project: Custom-made furniture and on-site installation

Bershka Madero



The style used for this flagship store was inspired by concerts and backstage, reflecting the brand’s DNA following its urban, fashionable, and young style, creating a unique experience for its customers.

Bershka Madero




The flagship stores show the true essence of the brands in an attractive way, allowing consumers to enjoy a different shopping experience and create a much closer and more intimate relationship like this one.

Bershka Madero

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