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café 59

Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Lúdica 59 café

The project was assigned to us by the architectural firm, Elías Cruz, with whom we collaborated for the execution of this project.

Among the furniture and custom-made elements for this space, the pergola and the main bar stand out. The pergola was one of the most complex elements to manufacture, as it is made up of 3 metallic parts which are mechanically joined together.


Location: Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Year: 2022

Project: Custom fabrication and assembly

Architecture: Elías Cruz office

Lúdica 59 café



All the striated modules of the bar are different with the idea that the pattern seen in this focal point, was not at all symmetrical on any side where you see it. The type of lighting, installed by our teams, is warm with the idea of not breaking the cozy concept of the brand and highlighting the color of the melamine chosen by the client.

Lúdica 59 café



The most beautiful thing about this project was the freedom that the client gave us to decide how to solve the project’s details, the client trusted us completely, with the only request that we respect the concept, and he gave us freedom of choice for many materials and production details. Lúdica is a coffee shop that will start franchising in the country, this is the first franchise so to have been part of the creation of this was phenomenal.

Lúdica 59 café

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