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Calvo Home & Decor

Ponferrada, León, Spain

Calvo Home & Decor

In the year 2021 Joyería Calvo renovated its decoration boutique store located at Calle de Santiago 5 in Ponferrada.


Location: Ponferrada, León, Spain

Year: 2021

Furniture: Grupo Malasa

Project: Calvo Home & Decor

Photography: Wifre Meléndrez

Calvo Home & Decor

The last trends

in home


In this boutique store, you can find the latest in home decor in a space of more than 250m2 spread over two floors: Christmas decorations, trees, lights, household items, furniture, carpets, lamps…

Its wonderful second floor is dedicated to the Galician firm Sargadelos, where you will find some of its most emblematic pieces. Thanks to the personalized attention of the Calvo team, you can take a tour through the history of the brand, contemplating the wonderful details of the craftsmanship of Sargadelos.

Calvo Home & Decor


and tradition

With a new image and materials of the highest quality, the new boutique store Calvo Home & Decor has been renovated with a minimalist design that links avant-garde and tradition. At Grupo Malasa we manufactured furniture and decorative elements, made to measure in our own factories.

Our commitment to a job well done is reflected in every corner of this store, which was a real pleasure to have collaborated in the creation of this space exclusively for the brand.

Calvo Home & Decor

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