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Tersa Aesthetic clinic

A Coruña, Spain

Tersa Aesthetic clinic

For the aesthetic clinic Tersa, we provided custom furniture manufacturing services. With the best quality materials, we have been in charge of the manufacture of the entrance counter and a dividing screen made with lacquered battens.


Location: A Coruña, Spain

Year: 2022

Project: Tersa Aesthetic Clinic

Photography: Wifre Meléndrez

Tersa Aesthetic clinic



All the focal elements of this project were executed in detail, taking special care of the meeting of the stone with the wood. A great example of this is how the stone plinth was flush with the countertop on the side of the counter.

Tersa Aesthetic clinic




Our client’s initial idea was a division of the corridor and entrance area, and a counter that would make a great first impression on their patients. We also incorporated the clinic’s logo on the front of the counter. The Laminam porcelain piece incorporated in the logo area and in the diagonal, diffuse the LED light installed in this custom-made counter by our expert electricians.

Tersa Aesthetic clinic

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