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"La Papelería" (Zara Home)

A Coruña, Spain

"La Papelería" (Zara Home)

This ephemeral store inaugurated Zara Home’s new section, “La Papelería”, which is here to stay in its usual product line.

This pop-up was integrated into the top floor of Zara’s flagship store on Compostela Street, in A Coruña, and included a customization service for certain items, as well as a coffee stand to make the visit even more special.


Location: A Coruña, Spain

Year: 2022

Project: Pop Up Store “La Papelería”. Zara Home

Photography: Courtesy of Inditex Group

“La Papelería” (Zara Home)



La Papelería was born through a collaboration with the famous French design studio Saint-Lazare, which specializes in branding and desktop products, and the idea that with the rise of remote working, everyone can have an office space in their homes, that is practical, as well as pleasant and aesthetic.

“La Papelería” (Zara Home)




From Grupo Malasa, we have worked with the fantastic team of Zara Home, to develop and manufacture custom furniture such as, desks, displays, and shelves that adorn these new products, following a typical aesthetic of the old bookstores that could be found in the streets of Galicia.

We would like to thank the entire Zara Home team and Inditex, who once again chose Grupo Malasa for the execution of this cozy new space.

La Papelería

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