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Malasa Hardware Store

O Temple, Spain

Hardware Store

Located on the Cuesta de la Tapia and renovated in 2020, it is one of the most representative spaces of our company, since Comercial Malasa started there 30 years ago.

We reached the final result after creating a new concept that served as a tribute to our roots as well as a multi-purpose space for future events and workshops.


Location: O Temple, Spain

Year: 2022

Custom Furniture: Grupo Malasa

Architect: Sinaldaba

Project: Grupo Malasa Hardware Store

Photography: Luís Díaz

Malasa Hardware Store

More than

a store

The hardware store has a unique design, which seeks harmony and awareness of space, created by Grupo Malasa together with the Sinaldaba architecture office. In this design, the tools were stored and displayed in the metallic elements that run the perimeter of the hardware store, in a visual continuity that breaks the central circular counter.

In addition, it is supported by an auxiliary mobile counter that organizes circulation and provides auxiliary support for the exhibition. All the elements have been custom-made and installed by the Group’s professional teams.

Malasa Hardware Store

A unique


This space is the perfect combination of materials, which provides visual harmony through the veil of deployed aluminum sheet, which is what allows the creation of a lattice effect in the tool storage area, steel for the contact surfaces, the use of galvanized for the exhibition areas and, of course, details of walnut wood with a grooved texture that provides warmth.

Malasa Hardware Store

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