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Samaná restaurant

A Coruña, Spain

Samaná restaurant

In 2017 the Samaná restaurant arrived in the city of A Coruña, currently considered one of the best restaurants in the city.

A restaurant concept that combined exoticism and elegance with fresh and high-quality products.


Location: A Coruña, Spain

Year: 2017

Project: Custom-made furniture and decoration

Interior design: MAS Arquitectura

Photography: Ana Samaniego

Samaná restaurant


and elegance

At Grupo Malasa we are very proud to have collaborated in the creation of this space for which we manufactured furniture and custom-made elements in wood and metals, as well as interior and exterior carpentry. The cocktail bars and designer metallic bars with golden finishes stand out.

Samaná restaurant


of styles

The particular lighting of the space, together with the oak flooring and the paneling of the walls, one of the contributions of Grupo Malasa, create a perfect harmony of styles and materials, giving the Samaná a halo of mystery that has captivated us. One of our star projects!

Samaná restaurant

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