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Simbòlic, Casa Batlló

Barcelona, Spain

Simbòlic, Casa Batlló


Location: Barcelona, Spain

Year: 2021

Project: Custom-made furniture and carpentries

Interior design: Lázaro Rosa-Violán

Photography: Courtesy of Casa Batlló

Simbòlic, Casa Batlló


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Inspired by Gaudí, his work, and his workshop, and with the help of the interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán, we wanted to bring life to this space in line with the rest of the museum, and that Simbòlic was not just a store, but would immerse you in Gaudí’s universe.

It was an honor for us to be able to contribute this small grain of sand, in such a symbolic monument as the Batlló house.

Simbòlic, Casa Batlló




Solid chestnut wood for the perimeter furniture and oak for the central one. These were the main materials chosen for this very special project.

Other materials stand out, such as the white Macael stone, chosen one by one from the straight form the quarry for the central furniture; the handcrafted glass of the hanging spherical lamps or the silver mirror finish of the hallways.

We used brass with joints finished in solid spheres for the electrical structure, and we manufactured it especially so as not to touch Gaudí’s original work. We also implemented wrought iron in black for the small items exhibitors and custom-made the entire cash desk in MDF lacquered in Gaudí blue.

For Grupo Malasa this project has been, in short, something unique both for the honor it has been for us to work in this place and for the attention and good treatment by the property.

Simbòlic, Casa Batlló

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