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Pazo da Oliva

Vigo, Pontevedra, Spain

Pazo da Oliva

The new Pazo da Oliva, located in the historic center of the city of Vigo and formerly known as Pazo do Marqués de Valladares, was built in the eighteenth century but after a comprehensive reform of its nearly 5,000 m², has become a space designed to host all kinds of socio-cultural events such as concerts, weddings, exhibitions and all kinds of events in its various halls.


Location: Vigo, Pontevedra, Spain

Year: 2022

Construction: Desarrolla

Project: Custom-made elements for renovated Galician Manor.

Photography: Wifredo Meléndrez

Pazo da Oliva

A revitalization

of the old town

of Vigo

This new cultural proposal has a strong gastronomic offer from the hand of the Galician chef with Michelin Star, Pepe Solla, distributed in: El Olivo, a haute cuisine restaurant; Monkey Bar with a more informal character and finally the lounge bar Templario focused on cocktails.

Within its cultural and leisure offer, the pazo has a concert hall and two presidential rooms for the celebration of all kinds of events.

Pazo da Oliva


From Grupo Malasa, we collaborated with the updating of this historic building, providing materials such as stone, oak and solid chestnut wood, as well as structural custom elements in glass.

These shine especially next to the impressive oak and solid chestnut doors, replicating the original ones, as well as in the monumental oak staircases that connect the main floors.

In the La Ermita room, we applied chestnut veneer panels and matching beams for an elegant and warm end result.

Pazo da Oliva

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